Friday, October 8th, 2245GMT

The last week of shadow training came to a close without incident. While winning the assault was a positive thing it had a negative impact. Before I go any further let me break down our company combat security force. Keep in mind that these numbers don't include non-combat related positions.

Fire Team - 3 men (1xCQS, 1xLRS, 1xRTL)
Squad - 7 men (2xCQS, 2xLRS, 2xRTL, 1xSL)
Platoon - 29 men (8xCQS, 8xLRS, 8xRTL, 4xSL, 1xPS)
Company - 116 men (32xCQS, 32xLRS, 32xRTL, 16xSL, 4xPS)

Sure, we have a large number of fighters at the company level, but they are responsible for covering about one block worth of assets. After the assault one platoon was broken off to cover the radio station, one platoon guards our television station, one guards the newspaper company, and the last platoon was split up into two sections made up of two squads per section. First section guards the exterior of the headquarters building doing patrols and assault absorption. Second section has one squad on internal patrols, and the final squad as personal security to the executives of the company. If those numbers seem high to anyone they should check into Wal-Mart’s security forces of 73,000! That’s a Corps!

Back on-topic now. We had to move a platoon that normally supported HQ to the radio station; therefore leaving us with no backup. Rumor is that after paying the taxes and settling the lawsuits (a couple of civilians were hit in the crossfire) we have to wait a few months before funding comes in for reinforcements. I’d hate to be the SoS right now. He’s going to be playing the shuffle game a lot with teams in order to fill gaps when guys are KIA.

Something that weighs heavy on my mind right now is Amy’s prior SM that was kidnapped. On Thursday morning her lifeless body was dumped on the road in front of HQ. I dug up the investigation by breaking into the company’s personnel server. The autopsy showed that she had been tortured before she died. I remember feeling sick as I read the full report. What kind of a person could do that to someone else? How far will they go to get what they want?

I graduate in less than an hour. Geoff, Amy, and I will get our certificates and be sent home in our new company provided vehicles with the special full body company wrap. Our weapons and armor were checked out to us as well. We will get our assignments on Monday morning. I’m hoping for HQ internal patrol duty...

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