Monday, January 17th

I got a phone call from SL Ramirez this morning. HQ decided to make him squad leader of the MCU as Clements’ replacement. I thought he called to tell me that HQ changed its mind about the time off and I needed to come back in immediately. Instead he wanted my input on who to assign as replacements for those killed on Friday. We spoke for a while about the different PSSs that we have worked with in the past and did our best to build a tough, well-balanced team. By the end of the conversation I was very confident about our 'new' unit:

SL Ramirez
FTL Park
CQS Yarbanks
FTL Aaron
LRS Gregory (Geoff)
CQS Turner
SM Magley
TS Ripper
TS Anderson

I was excited to know that I would be working with my buddy again. I called Geoff to give him the news. He didn't sound too excited however. He mentioned that Amy was going to be upset. Apparently they have grown really close in a short time. I heard him mumble something about not being able to ride into work together anymore. I heard that he has been spending the night at her place lately. I never thought that I would see the day when Geoff would be tied down by a girl. At least it’s with a good woman like Amy.

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