Monday, February 28th

Once again I find myself in the hospital. Some PSSs from our rival television station attempted to take me prisoner on Friday morning. I was driving down the interstate when it happened. They used four SUVs to box me in and try to slowly bring me to a stop. When I realized what was happening I began to jerk the wheel left and right causing my car to slam into the vehicles on both of my sides. The driver to my right swerved slightly outward giving me a hole big enough to accelerate through.

I didn't outrun them for long. They attempted the same maneuver again, and this time they were successful. All four vehicles created a snug box that I couldn't move in. No matter how much I stomped on the brake or the accelerator my vehicle moved at their pace. They were drifting over to the shoulder so that they could stop and confront/kill me. I imagined them all getting out of their vehicles and unloading a barrage of rounds into my car. Then I thought about how ineffective that would be because my whole car was bullet-proof, not just the windows.

This gave me an idea. I wondered if their doors were bullet proof. I grabbed the rifle from my passenger side seat (my rifle always rides 'shotgun') and rolled down my window. The passenger side door of the SUV to my right was at eye level because of our difference in height. I let a few rounds out into the door. Something must have made it through because the vehicle began to shake a little bit and I could see the driver yelling. I aimed my rifle a bit higher and squeezed off two more rounds. The driver grabbed his shoulder and the vehicle swerved across two lanes and slammed head-on into the concrete wall that makes up the median.

I used the new gap to break free of the formation. Keeping the gas pedal to the floor I made it to my exit without any of them getting too close. They continued to follow me onto the highway toward downtown. I called SL Ramirez and informed him of the situation. He told me that he would have a welcoming party waiting for me at HQ. I kept up my speed and weaved through traffic. I turned onto Broad St and began closing in on HQ. The remaining three vehicles were about twenty meters behind me and closing fast.

Ahead of me I could see something pull into the middle of the street and stop. Soon I realized that it was the APC. Someone was controlling the .50cal and everyone else formed a line with their weapons at the ready. As soon as I turned into our driveway I could hear everyone open fire. I got out of the car to run back and join them, but I was overcome by a very sharp pain in my stomach followed by the feeling of having the wind knocked out of me. I blacked out.

I was told that a two man sniper team was posted on a nearby rooftop. The team engaged them and only one got away somehow. Intel thinks that it was some sort of retribution act for killing their CEO the other day. I however don't know how that is possible since no one spotted me as the shooter. That is unless someone in our company is working both sides. I should be out of the hospital later tonight..

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