Thursday, February 17th

This guy was cocky and probably deserved what was coming to him. Most CEOs would drive a plain vehicle so that they could mix in with the rest traffic. Any normal person wouldn't want to yell 'look at me' when they have a target on their head. Not this guy. He drove his BMW convertible like he was trying to outrun an airplane.

I watched as he rounded the corner and started down Reynolds Street. I laid on a small platform that I had built into a large tree the night before. The tree stood tall and sat at an intersection on his way to the office. Traffic always gridlocked in the area so I knew that he wouldn't be able to avoid stopping. He seemed to inch closer slowly. I was ready to hurry up and get this over with as I had been in the tree since last night. We couldn’t risk anyone seeing me climb the tree in the morning. My body ached with the pains of staying mostly still for a few hours.

His face matched the picture that I had memorized of my target. His car also matched the picture. Verification was complete when I saw that he was wearing a red bullet proof vest underneath his suit jacket. Luckily for me it was fairly warm for being mid-February and the target had his convertible top down. This guy's desire to be 'cool' was going to kill him in about fifteen more meters. His car moved slowly with traffic.

Ten meters; he checked his teeth in the mirror.

Five meters; he called someone on his cell phone.

Zero meters; he threw his head back in laughter. His windshield moved past my line of sight leaving a direct route to his head. His laughter died down as he pulled his head forward again. His smiling face filled the image in my ACOG scope.


His foot must have relaxed off of the brake because his car slowly bumped into the person in front of him. Pink mist hovered around the area for a couple of seconds and then disappeared.

I followed my bug out route back to HQ without incident. At final formation I was given the 'Expert LRS' award. Coincidentally this gave me enough points to be promoted to E3. As soon as HQ feels the time is right I will be moved to a FTL slot. At this rate I may be able to make SoS before transferring into the ISS program.

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