Tuesday, February 15th

What did I say in the last post? I believe I mentioned something about knowing that HQ was going to make us earn back all of the money that was spent on us. Guess what? They did; and it paid off. We were able to take back the Magazine. The operation was beautiful.

Alpha team and SL Ramirez infiltrated via helicopter from the roof. Bravo team rode into the loading dock entrance in one of our new FAVs. Our actions were swift and precise. Zero KIA or WIA on our squad and 14 KIA for the OPFOR. Our team got some awards for the assault, but I didn't get an award since there wasn't much for an LRS to do within the job description. Basically in missions like that I become a CQS again.

I'll get my chance to do some long range stuff soon. There is a special mission coming up. I don't know what it is yet, but I've been told that I'll be the primary aggressor.

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