Friday, January 21st

I have to be back to the grind on Monday. I'll also have to coach the new guys on the ways of the MCU. The traditions of the original unit WILL NOT fade away while I am a part of it. It is up to CQS Yarbanks, CQS Turner, and me to make sure that the things that made the MCU different from everyone else will live on forever. I'm ready and pumped to go back and plan some revenge.


On the flip side I've spend the whole week at home without the fear of death and I kind of liked it. I don't spend nearly as much time as I should with my family. I've held my son more during this week off than I have since he was born. I've been up all hours, dodged pee, been smiled at, and spit-up on. I couldn't be happier. When his eyes lock in on mine I can't help but smile. I feel as though my body will burst with love and pride when he sleeps in my arms. Being with him really makes me not want to go back, and I don't have to.

One big separation between working under the Free Market Policy and military service is the required commitment. The military requires eight total years of service that can be completed in a variety of ways (Active, Reserve, Inactive Ready Reserve). It is unlawful to have any sort of commitment under the Free Market Policy. This doesn't stop a company from offering 'bonuses' for service terms. For instance my company will give a PSS up to a $xxxxx bonus for the first six months of service, and more if certain conditions are met during said service. I'll just say that assuming I'm still alive come mid-February we should be able to purchase a medium-sized house and new car outright.

I don't think that they know it, but I'm watching my wife and son right now. She has been talking to him for the last few minutes about their plans for tomorrow. My wife; I can't imagine life without her. She is the family President, CEO, and CFO. She takes care of everything and I am so grateful for that. I don't kill for some company that sees me as an operating expense. I kill to provide her the best life that I can. Her smile can still light a candle in the darkness that is overtaking my existence. She is my wife and the mother of our child, but more than that she is my best friend.

I'm filling out the request for transfer to the IS team when I get in on Monday. They will probably decline me, but I have to try. The position pays less money, but has a much higher survival rate.

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