Monday, January 24th

 $4,000,000 /year Revenue
-$3,000,000 /year Expenses
 $1,000,000 /year Net Profit

One million dollars a year of net profit is now gone. We lost the magazine in an attack today. Seven men were lost in the battle. I'm confident that the attack would have been unsuccessful if the MCU could've responded in time. We were at TV1 when the call came in. By the time we got there the bodies were being lined up outside. Overwhelming rage came over me and I fought to keep from jumping out of the APC and attacking the new residents. Unfortunately they were under protection of the Free Market Policy.

We couldn't retaliate for at least 24 hours per the rules of the Policy. Once the attacking force killed the CEO they became protected by the Government. This was a clause designed to allow enough time for a new managing company to be fully prepared to defend themselves. I think it's bogus. HQ held a companywide formation this afternoon to discuss the loss. We were told to be more vigilant, aware, and suspicious by some guys that sit in a room all day doing god knows what. For all we know it could be a casino behind HQ's doors.

The MCU was told to stay formed up while everyone else was dismissed. SL Ramirez told us that we would be attending a special three day, four night combat course starting tomorrow. We are going to be the first class trained by a couple of former special operations folks turned contractors. I'm excited to be going, but worried about what we are being trained for. Whatever mission(s) it may be I hope that they are planned out better than the last assault.

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