Monday, December 6th, 2300GMT

Apparently the leadership received some INTEL that Marie, who has been MIA for two weeks, is still alive and being held captive at a small television station at the edge of town. I will be on assault team Alpha during the rescue/takeover. Our squad spent the whole day planning for and practicing the attack. What a great way to start my last week before paternal leave...

Hopefully I will be able to write about a successful attack tomorrow night.

Friday, December 3rd, 2120GMT

Today was promotion day. The trainees graduated. We were able to fill out the company a little better by adding 24xCQS, 5xSM, and 1XTS. So now we have sixty-two combat troops. More good news is that another platoon of trainees will start processing tomorrow. Once they are certified our numbers will be closer to normal.

Geoff was promoted to LRS and moved to the newspaper. Yuri was moved to the magazine and I was promoted to LRS to fill the empty slot. One of my shadows named Yarbanks took my old CQS spot. Our current numbers:

HQ - 3 squads
Newspaper - 2 squads
Magazine - 2 squads
Radio Station - 1 squad

Friday, December 3rd, 0120GMT

This post is a bit later than usual. I needed to spend some extra time wife my wife tonight after the events that happened at work.

We found out first thing in the morning that the CEO was coming back in the afternoon. Everything was quiet on the way to pick him up. The trip back proved to be very difficult. The fun began about halfway back from the pickup when Alpha team spotted some OPFOR on a rooftop that had been unoccupied twenty minutes prior. We drove as fast as we could to the building. The only way up the six stories without going into the building (and possibly finding A LOT of OPFOR) was to go up the fire escape.

On the way up I caught little blips of the pilot on my radio. The guys on the roof were able to pick up our frequency and started to scan for confirmation of the CEO on the slick. At one point the pilot said something about taking small arms fire from the opposite direction. I peeked over the edge of the roof to get an idea of where the OPFOR were at. These guys were smart. There were four of them split into two man teams that had about fifteen meters of space between them.

Listening to them for a second I found out that they were part of a coordinated attack. The small arms fire that was attacking the slick was one of their elements. I reported this to FTL Ramirez; who reported it to Alpha team. While they decided whatever it was they were trying to decide I sized up my situation. I knew that the fuse on a flash-bang wouldn’t last long enough to make it to the team on the far side of the roof, so I decided that I would send it toward the closer team. The problem was that when the flash-bang went off it would alert the other team; so they could provide covering fire on my position until the first team recovered. I decided that I would try to take out the further team as the flash-bang lobbed toward the closer one.

I pulled the pin on the flash-bang and lobbed. The primer handle released as it left my hand and I began my countdown. Six; I readied my weapon. Five; I took aim on the further team. Four; I exhaled. Three; I squeezed the trigger. Two; I could see pink mist come from the throat of one of the OPFOR. One; I made eye contact with the other one as I squeezed the trigger again. I could see the pink mist from behind his helmet as the bomb went off. I was far enough away to only have a slight ring in my ears.

Time slowed down and I watched as one of the guys that I had just blinded begin spraying rounds everywhere. He ended up putting a round in he teammate’s stomach. I put three rounds in his chest. The first one should have destroyed the clay plate under his armor, and the other two were to finish him off. I pulled myself onto the roof and walked up to the wounded guy with my rifle at the ready. He was talking to himself as I approached him, “I can’t believe that idiot shot me. You got what you deserved prick!” He spit at his lifeless team member’s body. He looked up at me; his tear-filled eyes made contact with mine.

He began to beg for his life. This was a first to me. He opened the front pocket on his vest and pulled out a picture to show me. It was of him with a woman and an infant. I began to think of my wife. I called over the radio, “Ramirez; all clear. What is the procedure for taking a prisoner? Over.” The slick made a radical move toward my direction. Ramirez called over the radio, “Sit tight. We are going to escort the VIP the rest of the way and come back for you; out.” I watched as the slick flew overhead and headed toward HQ. The SUV sped off as well.

About ten minutes had passed when I heard the vehicles pull up to the fire escape. I looked over the edge of the roof and counted five OPFOR making their way up the fire escape. I ran to the far side of the roof and took cover behind the roof access doorway. I called for help over the radio, but there was only silence. I decided to try and play whack-a-mole as they peeked onto the roof. My rounds bounced off of the top of the wall. Finally I ran out of rounds and had to reload. I heard a flash-bang go off on the other side of my cover. Quickly I pointed my rifle back around the corner of my cover and saw that three OPFOR were already on the roof. They noticed me and began firing. They kept me pinned down with a constant barrage of rounds. I threw a gas canister over my cover toward their direction to buy myself some time.

I tried to open the roof access door, but it was locked. I peeked back around the corner and saw that some of them were trying to put on their gas masks while the others covered my position. They were trained well. I lobbed my last flash grenade in their direction and waited for the bang. Flinging myself into the open I opened fire into the group of two closest to me and knocked them both down. The other three were over by their downed comrade I had ‘taken’ prisoner trying to stop the bleeding. I watched in horror as their bodies began to tear apart. I lowered my rifle and felt my jaw drop. The four men had been reduced to bits.

A harness attached to a rope dropped next to me and snapped me back into reality. I looked up and saw Geoff on the Gatling gun of the slick. I harnessed myself and was pulled up as we flew back to HQ. Geoff smiled at me and yelled, “Isn’t this thing amazing!” I shook my head yes. I tried not to throw up as I thought about the prisoner’s wife. She wouldn’t even get the pleasure of an open casket. His child would never get the chance to call him daddy.

Wednesday, December 1st, 2240GMT

No word yet on when the CEO is coming back. My team is on guard duty today. I spent most of the day showing my shadows some combat techniques that I had learned during some of the firefights I had been through. We also went through a couple of simulated situations so that I could see how they would react to different obsticles. I didn’t tell them this but I went ahead and signed off on their certifications. I think that they will make a couple of really good CQSs.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2355GMT

It was a very intense day. The CEO needed to go to the airport to catch a mid-day flight. Two fire teams were used on the transport detail. Fire team Alpha was assigned to the slick (helicopter). I was jealous of Geoff because the CQS gets to mount the helicopters Gatling gun. Yuri had one of the toughest jobs as the LRS. He had to keep a 360-degree watch from the air to watch for any enemy activity. Park’s job as FTL was to coordinate with the ground team that provided street level support. Amy was the SM assigned. *(On a side note Amy told Geoff and me that she was given custody back of her child. I’m really happy for her. I’ve also noticed her and Geoff getting a little ‘closer’ if you know what I mean.)

I was on fire team Bravo like usual. Bravo was assigned ground duty and traveled via SUV. As the CQS I mounted the M60 in the crows nest. LRS Whitehead was on 360 duty which got a little annoying because he bumped into my legs on more than one occasion. FTL Ramirez was the liaison to the slick and directed the TS that was driving us. We didn’t have a medic or our shadows in the SUV.

Things were hectic from the time we left the building until we finally made it to the airport. We were directed all over the place to check possible ambush sites. Everything was clear the entire way. We couldn’t enter the airport to support the other fire team while they ensured his safe boarding of the aircraft. Another transport detail would meet him wherever he was going. None of us are allowed to know where he is going because of security policy. You never know who a ‘double agent’ might be.

We were briefed directly by the interim SoS when we got back. He told us that we did a good job, but the real challenge would come when the CEO needed to be picked up. Anyone watching our company would see the same slick/SUV detail roll out and would have time to alert for an attack.

Monday, November 29th, 2300GMT

Nothing happened at work today, but something odd did happen on the way. I noticed when I left the house this morning that a strange car was parked down the street. It looked like some guy was taking pictures of me. The same car then followed me to the office.

I reported everything to Ramirez and he took me to see the SL. Geoff was there with Park explaining the exact same situation that happened to him. Geoff and I talked about it for a minute afterward and did our best to compile as much information about what had happened. I’ll be bringing the rifle to bed every night for now...

Friday, November 26th, 2200GMT

I almost had the shit literally scared out of me today. We were on patrol when we thought that we heard a noise down an alley. It turned out to be a couple of cats fighting over a dead rat, but that wasn’t the scary part. We turned to leave and noticed a loud rumbling sound. Soon the ground started to tremble slightly. Not knowing what to expect we all hit the deck and crawled toward the road. Ramirez was on point and the first to the alley opening. He motioned for us to stop as he clicked on his radio. The conversation that followed was very humbling.

“Fire team bravo to HQ; over.”
“HQ to bravo; what is your status; over.”
The rumbling grew louder as the ground shook harder.
“Status is urgent. Two APCs marked with competing colors heading your way; over.”
“HQ alarm will be sounded and stations posted; over.”
I could hear the alarm at HQ sound off. Then Ramirez got excited.
“Holy shit! They have a tank!”
There was radio silence for a second.
“Bravo say again; over.”
“They have a tank and it’s rolling in your direction!”
The radio silence lasted an uncomfortable amount of time.
“Bravo prepare to flank rear of OPFOR on mark”
“You want us to flank a damn tank? Are you serious,” I could hear panic in Ramirez’s voice.
“Stand fast Bravo team! Prepare for mark.”
I could see the two APCs and tank roll past our position. Thankfully they didn’t see us. FTL Park came over the radio to report fire team alpha’s situation.
“Fire team alpha to fire team bravo; over.”
Ramirez calmed a little bit when he heard his buddy’s voice, “Go ahead alpha.”
“I can see the enemy armor. Are there any more units trailing?”
“Negative. No telling how many are mounted up in those things though.”
“Let me worry about that bravo. I’ll call mark when we are ready for your flank. Standby.”
“Roger alpha. I’ll call in a SITREP if ours changes; out.”

We laid in wait for what seemed like an eternity. My watch showed that four minutes had passed since being given the order to standby. Four minutes is a lifetime during a fire fight. The strange this was that I didn’t hear a single round fired. Surely HQ didn’t surrender before putting up any sort of fight. HQ came over the radio and summoned us back. It turns out that the armor drove past HQ without incident. We were put on high alert and completed the rest of our patrols mounted in a SUV.

Thursday, November 25th, 1400GMT

Closed for Thanksgiving! Woot!

Enjoying the time alone with my wife. Very soon we won’t be alone anymore!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2330GMT

Things may get bad. We were on patrol today when I discovered a person doing recon on our building. They were parked in a small parking lot that is situated in the middle of opposing one way streets. A announced my finding to FTL Ramirez and he verified. The vehicle was a rear-wheel drive so LRS Whitehead was given the order to shoot the rear driver-side tire out. As soon as he hit that tire all hell broke loose.

We began taking fire from the rooftop of a building adjacent to the vehicle. As we took cover the vehicle tried its best to speed away; fish-tailing as the driver stomped on the gas. Whitehead was able to hit the other rear tire, but the driver just kept going; leaving bits of rubber on the road like a bread crumb trail. By then the public has cleared out of the area that we were in. I peeked around the car that I was using for cover and found a ladder that led to the roof where our attackers were stationed. Whitehead was keeping them pinned down pretty well by keeping his shots close every time one of them lifted their head ‘whack-a-mole’ style.

I looked over at Ramirez and was about to ask for covering fire when he just nodded and asked if I was ready to go on a three count. Like I’ve said before; he is a model PSS. Sometimes I wonder why he didn’t become a soldier instead. On the count Ramirez and Whitehead opened up with a barrage of fire at the rooftop and I took my shadows to the ladder. I handed each one a flash-bang and a gas canister. I told them to lob them up (only three stories) onto the roof when I reached the top of the ladder. I put on my gas mask and checked to make sure it was sealed. The climb up seemed to take forever; each rung I moved up sent a shock wave through my still healing ribs.

Right before I reached the ledge of the roof I heard two flash-bangs pop amongst our aggressors. This was followed by the sound of the gas canisters hissing. I flung myself up to the roof and assessed the situation. Three men were hunkered down behind the small wall that made the lip of the roof. I readied my rifle and walked toward them. The flash-bangs must have been spot on because I was about five meters away from them when I was spotted by one of them. He grabbed his rifle and pointed it in my direction. I put one between his eyes before he had a chance to think about pulling his trigger. The other two jumped to their feet and began to spray rounds all over the place. I hit the deck and watched as Whitehead took them both out in under three seconds.

After the investigators were done with the scene we fast-stepped it to final formation and called it a day.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2255GMT

I was cleared to go back on patrol by the Doc. I didn’t know that I would be so happy to get back on the street. I am still pretty sore, but Ibuprofen is a lifesaver. We (my shadows and I) were assigned to fire team bravo. FTL Ramirez and LRS Whitehead make up the rest of the team. It felt good to be on a team with Ramirez again. He is the definition of a PSS.

No incidents on patrol today.

Monday, November 22nd, 2315GMT

We were assigned our shadows today. Since our fighting force is so small each CQS was given at least two trainees. The guys assigned to me are named Yarbanks and Ditmer. Geoff got two as well and Amy got one. I guess we are the veterans now. It feels strange to call myself that.

The Doc called me before work and changed my appointment to tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, November 19th, 2100GMT

At morning formation we found out that SoS Gibbons was retiring. He served for three and a half years. I didn’t really know the guy too well. Never really saw him out of his office much. No one announced who his replacement would be. I would assume PS Davis since he is the only PS for the only platoon we have right now. Davis is a good leader and I’d follow him to take on anything if he ordered.

Trainees will begin shadowing us tomorrow. I still can’t believe that almost two months ago I was in their position. It hasn’t been that long, but it feels like a year has passed. I wouldn’t have believed six months ago if you told me that I would be shot and gassed. Then again being shot is in no way as painful as a broken rib. I see the doc on Monday morning before work to try and get my RTRD (Return To Regular Duty).

There was some good news from the final formation at the end of the day. Yuri has been promoted to LRS and Park promoted to FTL. So fire team Alpha is now:

FTL Park
LRS Yuri
CQS Gregory (Geoff)

I’m not sure which team I’ll be assigned to. Some more good news is that as soon as these trainees get certified Geoff and I will be moved to open LRS slots!

Once again we have an MIA. This time it is SM Svoktiv (Marie). I know she didn’t abandon her job; her work ethic is way too good for that. She had to have been kidnapped. Who could capture that crazy Russian without losing a few of their own guys? I’m really worried.

Thursday, November 18th, 2345GMT

We would not have been able to hold them off if it wasn’t for a highly skilled LRS that sounded an early warning. LRS Eli spent the last seconds of his life running to the alarm on the roof of the parking deck. He was taken out by an OPFOR LRS that was posted in a church tower as he hit the button. Some fighters have no respect at all. It isn’t against any regulations to post up in a church with permission, but what kind of a man can KILL while in a house of God?

When the alarms sounded all of the windows with fast rope access flew open. I ran toward the rope and began to jump for it, but something got in my way. Geoff jumped in front of me and stopped me by throwing a stiff-arm to my chest. He reminded me that I needed to stay indoors and protect my assigned asset. I had temporarily forgotten which asset I was supposed to protect and almost jumped out of the window anyway. I’m pretty sure Geoff could see the confusion in my face and he reminded me, “Server stacks.” Quickly afterward he spun around and jumped out toward the rope.

A lot of people don’t understand why a company would have internal fire teams. What they don’t know is that some attacks that happen outside are designed to distract a PSS from what is happening inside. Some employees end up working espionage for rival companies. Sometimes a virus used to steal financial and trade data is better than a complete takeover. Information warfare is just as legal as hostile takeovers thanks to the Free Market Policy. This is why ISS are so important to the security department. It is also why they have combat experience; so they can repel any attacks coming from ‘double-agent’ employees.

I was assigned to guard the door to the server stacks in the event of an attack. Normally an assignment like this is cake, but the door was at the intersection of three hallways. When I finally made it to my post I got a status report from my fire-team. We each kept watch on one hallway. At some point the gas alarm was sounded. I found myself thinking in that moment that if I were outside I would be sealing my air vent. Internal fire teams don’t carry masks. Then I saw something for the first time since beginning my career in security; an employee carrying a rifle came running around the corner of my hallway. When he noticed our fire team he quickly ran back around the corner.

I alerted the other two guys about what I saw and kept a close eye on that corner. A few seconds later I saw an arm poke out and throw something in my direction. Before it hit the floor I realized what it was and yelled, “Flash-bang!” We all dropped to the floor and covered our heads. I heard the loud boom and looked back in the direction of the assaulter. Hopping up as fast as I could (surprised I didn’t puke from the chest pain) the guy jumped from around the corner and pointed his rifle at me. I pointed mine at him just as he fired. I shot a round off as I got hit in the stomach. The force of the impact threw me back on the floor. It turned out that the guy shot me with a gas round from his M203.

My eyes began to tear up from the gas. I looked back at the assaulter and noticed him on the floor. Blood began to pool around him. No one else came into our hallways for the rest of the fight. Thankfully no one else but Eli was KIA. I watched from a window as they loaded Eli into a body bag. It made me realize why the PSS program allows one to retire after only two years of service. Unless I get transferred to the ISS program I still have 22 months to go. I hope I can get transferred soon.

Tuesday, November 16th, 2200GMT

I’m a little worried. Morning patrol discovered an observer in a car. He wasn’t guarded like the last one, but he still got away. We really need some more combat troops now! I just have a bad feeling about our situation. Too bad that no regulations exist for the amount of times a company can be attacked in a quarter.

My arm and leg are starting to get a lot better, but my chest is still constantly in pain. The docs keeps me pumped with pain medications so that I’m able to do my job. All is good though. As long as an attack doesn’t make its way INTO HQ I shouldn’t have to do any fighting. We’ve also got a whole platoon of K&B’s (Knife and Baton carriers) so I should be pretty well protected.

My wife is due to give birth to our child next month. I can’t wait! My company actually gives new parents two weeks paid time off for the birth of a baby. Let’s just hope I can make it that long...

Monday, November 15th, 2200GMT

I was reassigned to internal guard at HQ while I heal some more. It is still too painful to put on body armor so I have to wear a bright red life-vest looking thing. It has the same bulk as my armor, but with foam instead of ceramic plates. It’s nice to be in the same building as Amy and Geoff. I caught up with the both of them during lunch today. Both had very interesting stories about the near takeover.

Some good things came from the attacks. The company helicopter was fixed and given new armaments. The SUVs had better armor installed. Fast ropes were implemented at all of the business units as well. The ropes at HQ are a little intimidating because they dropped down from the roof eighteen stories up. Windows on each floor will open up and allow the PSS to fast rope down from that story. Rumor is that we are also going to be getting a FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) soon. An FAV is a three seat dune buggy with a light and a heavy machine gun mounted on it.

The trainees will be ready to shadow next Monday. I can’t wait to get these bodies out so we can get some more in to training.

Wednesday, November 10th, 2000GMT

I just got off of the phone with Geoff. He told me that he and I (and almost everyone else that survived) received promotions. I could hardly believe it. As soon as a spot opened up I would become a LRS. This means that my pay and more importantly my survival probability will go up.

He did give me some bad news. When I go back we will only be a thirty-nine man combat ready company. Right now the newspaper, magazine, and radio station only have one squad each for protection. HQ has two squads. I really hope that we can hold tight for the next month to get the trainees fully certified because this is ridiculous.

Thursday, November 4th, 1600GMT

The last two weeks have been insane. I am at home recovering currently. I spent the past few days in the hospital after being shot. I’ll start from the beginning.

We took a small attack targeted at the whole company on the 22nd of October. Since we were hit at all of the business units at the same time HQ decided to implement weekend guard duty. Legally no attacks are allowed to happen on the weekend, but that doesn’t mean a rival can’t set you up for failure by installing traps. Thinking about it now I’m surprised that we didn’t have regular weekend guard duty.

Starting on that following Monday all of the business units took small, coordinated attacks that lasted until Friday the 29th. Our forces were being dwindled down in a calculated way, and since all units took losses no numbers could be shifted for better coverage. Our PSS Company was shrunk from an already slim eighty-seven combat operators to seventy-five! That is only two and a half platoons! We did get authorization for a big batch of trainees to process in starting on the weekend of November 6th, but even they wouldn’t be combat ready for another month after that.

The platoons were shifted around to fill security gaps around the company. The pool of two and a half platoons was split:

The newspaper was given a three squads.
The magazine was given three squads.
The radio station got two squads.
HQ got two squads.

I was kept at the radio station. PS Pyle and FTL Aaron were still in my direct chain of command, but LRS Ramirez was finally assigned an FTL position at the magazine. He was replaced by the newly promoted LRS Eli.

November 1st is still a little fuzzy in my memory. I remember the massive assault first thing in the morning. The enemy had us two to one, but we still were able to take them all out. We had a couple of wounded, but no KIA. Our high moral didn’t last long.

Another wave of OPFOR came rolling up in the early afternoon. This time we were outnumbered three to one. I remember making it down the fast rope. I also remember shooting a handful of guys. What I don’t remember is taking a shot to the leg. I have faint memories of shooting my rifle while trying to stop the bleeding. I can also recall being hit in the chest by a gas canister. My next memories are flashes of Amy yelling in my face; her face splattered with blood. Apparently the SMs had been organized at HQ and were sent out in teams to help AFTER all of the fighting was over.

I came to in a hospital bed a few days ago. I was told that I had been shot in the left leg, right arm, and chest. Luckily the chest shot was stopped by my armor and left me with a few broken ribs instead of a bullet hole. The company executives showed up at the hospital right before my discharge and gave me three awards:

‘Heroism’ for continuing to fight when the second wave showed up.
‘Exceptional Endurance’ for continuing to fight after my initial wound.
‘Expert Close Quarters Specialist’ for killing A LOT of OPFOR.

I will start back to work on November 15th. For the time being I will do my best to compile any data that I can find on the attacks and post some figures here. On a sad side note our two missing SMs were found dead in front of HQ early last Tuesday morning. What kind of monster could do those things to somebody; especially a woman?

Thursday, October 21st, 2310GMT

The fast ropes are complete.

I felt nervous before my first test, but the ropes worked like a charm. It was actually kind of fun to test each rope system a few times apiece. Each person was assigned a pair of heavy gloves so they won’t burn their hands on the way down. I spent the day teaching each squad the proper entry/transport/exit techniques. One guy forgot to put on his gloves...

During final formation we were told that the magazine office had been hit bad and lost four ‘people’. We seem to be getting picked off slowly. I really hope HQ has some trainees coming in soon. I learned a little bit later that they only use the term ‘people’ when a woman or women had been killed so as to not dishonor them by calling them ‘guys’.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2240GMT

Nothing incidents today. We began construction of a fast rope system. Since I came up with the idea I have been put in charge of building, testing, and training the system. Joy. I guess it is better than being in a firefight.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2240GMT

During morning formation we were told that no one from our unit would be transferred to HQ. We found out that a whole squad was taken out during the assault! I’m glad none of us were transferred because we wouldn’t survive another attack of the same scale as last week if they took a squad from us. Thankfully the ‘higher powers’ decided that pulling from the newspaper and magazine divisions was a better idea.

I sent Geoff a message after formation to see if he and Amy were okay. I was pleased to get a response from him that they were both doing fine. Geoff actually earned the ‘Advanced Close Quarters Specialist’ designation in that fight. Amy had her first confirmed kill too; which is a big deal to a SM.

Something that has been worrying me in case of another attack is the fact that we currently have no SM. None of the squads do. The two that are assigned to our PLATOON are MIA. What is even worse is that we won’t have any medics until those two show up for work, come up dead, or are dropped from payroll after 30 days. I don’t understand a lot of HQ’s policies. I guess they expect us to avoid getting shot in the event of a missing SM.

No incidents today.

Monday, October 18th, 2355GMT

I like FTL Aaron a lot more than I liked Nabe. Don't get me wrong; I'm not 'happy' that the guy is dead or anything. It just seems to me that Aaron has himself squared away. Talking with him today I found out that he was Marine Corps Recon a couple of years back. LRS Ramirez received a promotion at formation this morning. He will be reassigned as soon as a FTL spot opens up somewhere. I'm also happy to report that I received the designation 'Advanced Close Quarters Specialist" for the work I put into the fight on Friday.

Our squad is on external guard duty today. Basically we just stand outside of the building and wait for something to happen. We might as well hold signs that read 'PLEASE SHOOT ME FIRST' above our heads. Five of the nine guys who were taken out last Friday were on this duty when the attack happened. I also forgot to mention earlier that the four wounded from that day died in the hospital. I can’t imagine how long it will take to replace nine open slots.

At first I was paranoid and wanted to fire at any and all movement in my field of vision, but eventually it wore off and I relaxed a little. I tried to think of things that could be done to make the battles easier for us. Looking out into the parking lot I imagined some of the empty spaces being taken up by solid concrete blocks to be used for cover. That would help when we were in the lot, but what about the way we get there? The front door is the only way out because the back door has a fire alarm attached to it. We can’t disable the alarm due to federal regulations. Then it hit me. We could fast rope down from the roof. It is only a two story building; so even if we miss the rope we should survive the fall. I brought these things up to Aaron to get his opinion. He told me that they were great ideas and that he would bring them up to SL Pyle during the leadership meeting.

I could hear gunfire in the distance starting at about 1700GMT. It was coming from the direction of HQ and lasted for about five minutes. During final formation we were told that HQ had been attacked, but the aggressors were repelled. PS Davis also said that some of us might be reassigned to fill the positions that were KIA. I couldn’t believe it. HQ told us to deal with our numbers yet they couldn’t have a few ‘gaps’?