Monday, November 15th, 2200GMT

I was reassigned to internal guard at HQ while I heal some more. It is still too painful to put on body armor so I have to wear a bright red life-vest looking thing. It has the same bulk as my armor, but with foam instead of ceramic plates. It’s nice to be in the same building as Amy and Geoff. I caught up with the both of them during lunch today. Both had very interesting stories about the near takeover.

Some good things came from the attacks. The company helicopter was fixed and given new armaments. The SUVs had better armor installed. Fast ropes were implemented at all of the business units as well. The ropes at HQ are a little intimidating because they dropped down from the roof eighteen stories up. Windows on each floor will open up and allow the PSS to fast rope down from that story. Rumor is that we are also going to be getting a FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) soon. An FAV is a three seat dune buggy with a light and a heavy machine gun mounted on it.

The trainees will be ready to shadow next Monday. I can’t wait to get these bodies out so we can get some more in to training.


Greg Wilson said...

The three characters that frequently interact reminds me of Starship Troopers. Any inspiration from the novel?

H_C said...

You are certainly 'on the bounce' there trooper.

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