Tuesday, October 19th, 2240GMT

During morning formation we were told that no one from our unit would be transferred to HQ. We found out that a whole squad was taken out during the assault! I’m glad none of us were transferred because we wouldn’t survive another attack of the same scale as last week if they took a squad from us. Thankfully the ‘higher powers’ decided that pulling from the newspaper and magazine divisions was a better idea.

I sent Geoff a message after formation to see if he and Amy were okay. I was pleased to get a response from him that they were both doing fine. Geoff actually earned the ‘Advanced Close Quarters Specialist’ designation in that fight. Amy had her first confirmed kill too; which is a big deal to a SM.

Something that has been worrying me in case of another attack is the fact that we currently have no SM. None of the squads do. The two that are assigned to our PLATOON are MIA. What is even worse is that we won’t have any medics until those two show up for work, come up dead, or are dropped from payroll after 30 days. I don’t understand a lot of HQ’s policies. I guess they expect us to avoid getting shot in the event of a missing SM.

No incidents today.

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