Tuesday, November 30th, 2355GMT

It was a very intense day. The CEO needed to go to the airport to catch a mid-day flight. Two fire teams were used on the transport detail. Fire team Alpha was assigned to the slick (helicopter). I was jealous of Geoff because the CQS gets to mount the helicopters Gatling gun. Yuri had one of the toughest jobs as the LRS. He had to keep a 360-degree watch from the air to watch for any enemy activity. Park’s job as FTL was to coordinate with the ground team that provided street level support. Amy was the SM assigned. *(On a side note Amy told Geoff and me that she was given custody back of her child. I’m really happy for her. I’ve also noticed her and Geoff getting a little ‘closer’ if you know what I mean.)

I was on fire team Bravo like usual. Bravo was assigned ground duty and traveled via SUV. As the CQS I mounted the M60 in the crows nest. LRS Whitehead was on 360 duty which got a little annoying because he bumped into my legs on more than one occasion. FTL Ramirez was the liaison to the slick and directed the TS that was driving us. We didn’t have a medic or our shadows in the SUV.

Things were hectic from the time we left the building until we finally made it to the airport. We were directed all over the place to check possible ambush sites. Everything was clear the entire way. We couldn’t enter the airport to support the other fire team while they ensured his safe boarding of the aircraft. Another transport detail would meet him wherever he was going. None of us are allowed to know where he is going because of security policy. You never know who a ‘double agent’ might be.

We were briefed directly by the interim SoS when we got back. He told us that we did a good job, but the real challenge would come when the CEO needed to be picked up. Anyone watching our company would see the same slick/SUV detail roll out and would have time to alert for an attack.

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