Thursday, November 4th, 1600GMT

The last two weeks have been insane. I am at home recovering currently. I spent the past few days in the hospital after being shot. I’ll start from the beginning.

We took a small attack targeted at the whole company on the 22nd of October. Since we were hit at all of the business units at the same time HQ decided to implement weekend guard duty. Legally no attacks are allowed to happen on the weekend, but that doesn’t mean a rival can’t set you up for failure by installing traps. Thinking about it now I’m surprised that we didn’t have regular weekend guard duty.

Starting on that following Monday all of the business units took small, coordinated attacks that lasted until Friday the 29th. Our forces were being dwindled down in a calculated way, and since all units took losses no numbers could be shifted for better coverage. Our PSS Company was shrunk from an already slim eighty-seven combat operators to seventy-five! That is only two and a half platoons! We did get authorization for a big batch of trainees to process in starting on the weekend of November 6th, but even they wouldn’t be combat ready for another month after that.

The platoons were shifted around to fill security gaps around the company. The pool of two and a half platoons was split:

The newspaper was given a three squads.
The magazine was given three squads.
The radio station got two squads.
HQ got two squads.

I was kept at the radio station. PS Pyle and FTL Aaron were still in my direct chain of command, but LRS Ramirez was finally assigned an FTL position at the magazine. He was replaced by the newly promoted LRS Eli.

November 1st is still a little fuzzy in my memory. I remember the massive assault first thing in the morning. The enemy had us two to one, but we still were able to take them all out. We had a couple of wounded, but no KIA. Our high moral didn’t last long.

Another wave of OPFOR came rolling up in the early afternoon. This time we were outnumbered three to one. I remember making it down the fast rope. I also remember shooting a handful of guys. What I don’t remember is taking a shot to the leg. I have faint memories of shooting my rifle while trying to stop the bleeding. I can also recall being hit in the chest by a gas canister. My next memories are flashes of Amy yelling in my face; her face splattered with blood. Apparently the SMs had been organized at HQ and were sent out in teams to help AFTER all of the fighting was over.

I came to in a hospital bed a few days ago. I was told that I had been shot in the left leg, right arm, and chest. Luckily the chest shot was stopped by my armor and left me with a few broken ribs instead of a bullet hole. The company executives showed up at the hospital right before my discharge and gave me three awards:

‘Heroism’ for continuing to fight when the second wave showed up.
‘Exceptional Endurance’ for continuing to fight after my initial wound.
‘Expert Close Quarters Specialist’ for killing A LOT of OPFOR.

I will start back to work on November 15th. For the time being I will do my best to compile any data that I can find on the attacks and post some figures here. On a sad side note our two missing SMs were found dead in front of HQ early last Tuesday morning. What kind of monster could do those things to somebody; especially a woman?

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