Wednesday, November 24th, 2330GMT

Things may get bad. We were on patrol today when I discovered a person doing recon on our building. They were parked in a small parking lot that is situated in the middle of opposing one way streets. A announced my finding to FTL Ramirez and he verified. The vehicle was a rear-wheel drive so LRS Whitehead was given the order to shoot the rear driver-side tire out. As soon as he hit that tire all hell broke loose.

We began taking fire from the rooftop of a building adjacent to the vehicle. As we took cover the vehicle tried its best to speed away; fish-tailing as the driver stomped on the gas. Whitehead was able to hit the other rear tire, but the driver just kept going; leaving bits of rubber on the road like a bread crumb trail. By then the public has cleared out of the area that we were in. I peeked around the car that I was using for cover and found a ladder that led to the roof where our attackers were stationed. Whitehead was keeping them pinned down pretty well by keeping his shots close every time one of them lifted their head ‘whack-a-mole’ style.

I looked over at Ramirez and was about to ask for covering fire when he just nodded and asked if I was ready to go on a three count. Like I’ve said before; he is a model PSS. Sometimes I wonder why he didn’t become a soldier instead. On the count Ramirez and Whitehead opened up with a barrage of fire at the rooftop and I took my shadows to the ladder. I handed each one a flash-bang and a gas canister. I told them to lob them up (only three stories) onto the roof when I reached the top of the ladder. I put on my gas mask and checked to make sure it was sealed. The climb up seemed to take forever; each rung I moved up sent a shock wave through my still healing ribs.

Right before I reached the ledge of the roof I heard two flash-bangs pop amongst our aggressors. This was followed by the sound of the gas canisters hissing. I flung myself up to the roof and assessed the situation. Three men were hunkered down behind the small wall that made the lip of the roof. I readied my rifle and walked toward them. The flash-bangs must have been spot on because I was about five meters away from them when I was spotted by one of them. He grabbed his rifle and pointed it in my direction. I put one between his eyes before he had a chance to think about pulling his trigger. The other two jumped to their feet and began to spray rounds all over the place. I hit the deck and watched as Whitehead took them both out in under three seconds.

After the investigators were done with the scene we fast-stepped it to final formation and called it a day.

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