Tuesday, November 16th, 2200GMT

I’m a little worried. Morning patrol discovered an observer in a car. He wasn’t guarded like the last one, but he still got away. We really need some more combat troops now! I just have a bad feeling about our situation. Too bad that no regulations exist for the amount of times a company can be attacked in a quarter.

My arm and leg are starting to get a lot better, but my chest is still constantly in pain. The docs keeps me pumped with pain medications so that I’m able to do my job. All is good though. As long as an attack doesn’t make its way INTO HQ I shouldn’t have to do any fighting. We’ve also got a whole platoon of K&B’s (Knife and Baton carriers) so I should be pretty well protected.

My wife is due to give birth to our child next month. I can’t wait! My company actually gives new parents two weeks paid time off for the birth of a baby. Let’s just hope I can make it that long...

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