Thursday, November 18th, 2345GMT

We would not have been able to hold them off if it wasn’t for a highly skilled LRS that sounded an early warning. LRS Eli spent the last seconds of his life running to the alarm on the roof of the parking deck. He was taken out by an OPFOR LRS that was posted in a church tower as he hit the button. Some fighters have no respect at all. It isn’t against any regulations to post up in a church with permission, but what kind of a man can KILL while in a house of God?

When the alarms sounded all of the windows with fast rope access flew open. I ran toward the rope and began to jump for it, but something got in my way. Geoff jumped in front of me and stopped me by throwing a stiff-arm to my chest. He reminded me that I needed to stay indoors and protect my assigned asset. I had temporarily forgotten which asset I was supposed to protect and almost jumped out of the window anyway. I’m pretty sure Geoff could see the confusion in my face and he reminded me, “Server stacks.” Quickly afterward he spun around and jumped out toward the rope.

A lot of people don’t understand why a company would have internal fire teams. What they don’t know is that some attacks that happen outside are designed to distract a PSS from what is happening inside. Some employees end up working espionage for rival companies. Sometimes a virus used to steal financial and trade data is better than a complete takeover. Information warfare is just as legal as hostile takeovers thanks to the Free Market Policy. This is why ISS are so important to the security department. It is also why they have combat experience; so they can repel any attacks coming from ‘double-agent’ employees.

I was assigned to guard the door to the server stacks in the event of an attack. Normally an assignment like this is cake, but the door was at the intersection of three hallways. When I finally made it to my post I got a status report from my fire-team. We each kept watch on one hallway. At some point the gas alarm was sounded. I found myself thinking in that moment that if I were outside I would be sealing my air vent. Internal fire teams don’t carry masks. Then I saw something for the first time since beginning my career in security; an employee carrying a rifle came running around the corner of my hallway. When he noticed our fire team he quickly ran back around the corner.

I alerted the other two guys about what I saw and kept a close eye on that corner. A few seconds later I saw an arm poke out and throw something in my direction. Before it hit the floor I realized what it was and yelled, “Flash-bang!” We all dropped to the floor and covered our heads. I heard the loud boom and looked back in the direction of the assaulter. Hopping up as fast as I could (surprised I didn’t puke from the chest pain) the guy jumped from around the corner and pointed his rifle at me. I pointed mine at him just as he fired. I shot a round off as I got hit in the stomach. The force of the impact threw me back on the floor. It turned out that the guy shot me with a gas round from his M203.

My eyes began to tear up from the gas. I looked back at the assaulter and noticed him on the floor. Blood began to pool around him. No one else came into our hallways for the rest of the fight. Thankfully no one else but Eli was KIA. I watched from a window as they loaded Eli into a body bag. It made me realize why the PSS program allows one to retire after only two years of service. Unless I get transferred to the ISS program I still have 22 months to go. I hope I can get transferred soon.

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