Monday, October 18th, 2355GMT

I like FTL Aaron a lot more than I liked Nabe. Don't get me wrong; I'm not 'happy' that the guy is dead or anything. It just seems to me that Aaron has himself squared away. Talking with him today I found out that he was Marine Corps Recon a couple of years back. LRS Ramirez received a promotion at formation this morning. He will be reassigned as soon as a FTL spot opens up somewhere. I'm also happy to report that I received the designation 'Advanced Close Quarters Specialist" for the work I put into the fight on Friday.

Our squad is on external guard duty today. Basically we just stand outside of the building and wait for something to happen. We might as well hold signs that read 'PLEASE SHOOT ME FIRST' above our heads. Five of the nine guys who were taken out last Friday were on this duty when the attack happened. I also forgot to mention earlier that the four wounded from that day died in the hospital. I can’t imagine how long it will take to replace nine open slots.

At first I was paranoid and wanted to fire at any and all movement in my field of vision, but eventually it wore off and I relaxed a little. I tried to think of things that could be done to make the battles easier for us. Looking out into the parking lot I imagined some of the empty spaces being taken up by solid concrete blocks to be used for cover. That would help when we were in the lot, but what about the way we get there? The front door is the only way out because the back door has a fire alarm attached to it. We can’t disable the alarm due to federal regulations. Then it hit me. We could fast rope down from the roof. It is only a two story building; so even if we miss the rope we should survive the fall. I brought these things up to Aaron to get his opinion. He told me that they were great ideas and that he would bring them up to SL Pyle during the leadership meeting.

I could hear gunfire in the distance starting at about 1700GMT. It was coming from the direction of HQ and lasted for about five minutes. During final formation we were told that HQ had been attacked, but the aggressors were repelled. PS Davis also said that some of us might be reassigned to fill the positions that were KIA. I couldn’t believe it. HQ told us to deal with our numbers yet they couldn’t have a few ‘gaps’?

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