Friday, October 15th, 2300GMT

A lot happened today...

On the drive into work (late) I witnessed an attack on a small IT outsourcing company. It looked like a big chain store was assaulting. Poor little guys probably didn’t stand a chance. I was very cautious on the drive making sure to remain situationally aware of my surroundings. I felt like a small duck moving about a swamp full of gators.

I made it to the office and reported to SL Pyle. The president of the radio company entered the room. He looked like a tall version of Yosemite Sam! It was hilarious! I was barely able to keep my laugh under when I noticed that he had two six-shooters on his belt just as the cartoon character did. He looked at me and said in his best country twang, “Well go put your dress on boy! You got to escort me around.”

I armored up and grabbed some grenades. I met the president in the lobby and looked over his bright red armor before leaving. Company executives have to wear the same colors as security to make sure that the enemy knows that they are legal targets. This is also the reason why executives are allowed to carry handguns.

We mounted up into the SUV. I completed a full functions check before pulling away. I remember pondering on the idea that maybe HQ would assign our unit a TS so that us combat guys wouldn’t have to drive. I would rather focus on my surroundings than focus on the traffic. Thankfully HQ was only a two or three minute drive and there were no incidents.

Geoff was one of the door guards on the way in. We shook hands and said hello to one another. It felt good to see him. Maybe Amy would be in the aid station and I could see her as well. We walked down the hall to the elevators and made our way up to the 8th floor. I’m not exactly sure why, but the office of the HQ executives take up the ENTIRE floor. Rumor has it that there is an isolated data center, a gym, and a war room. I wish I could have seen it, but security personnel can’t enter without signed orders.

I waited outside of the entry doors for what seemed like a couple of hours. The two guards kept me company while I waited. Suddenly the entry doors flew open and out walked the CEO of the company. He walked right up to me and pointed a finger in my face and said, “Your unit is under heavy attack. They need all hands and requested that you bring two TS and a SM. Don’t worry about Yosemite Sam in there; we will take care of him. Now get moving!”

Running as fast as I could to the aid station I tried to call FTL Nabe over my radio. There was no answer, but I realized that I could have been out of range. I found Amy in full battle rattle at the aid station. She smiled and said, “The CEO called and said that you were coming to pick up a SM.” We ran to the TS ‘hangout’ close by and explained the situation. Two TS immediately suited up and grabbed some vehicle keys.

The two or three minute drive seemed like an eternity. My unit was in trouble and needed my help fast. Soon we were close enough to see the chaos. The assault was being executed by a very large broadcasting company. I could see at least two squads of OPFOR. It would be dangerous for our vehicles to just roll right into the middle of the action unannounced. I tried my radio again.

LRS Ramirez answered my radio call, “Yo man! Nabe is gone, I’m acting team lead.”
I was happy to hear his voice and asked, “Orders?”
Ramirez was quiet for a second. Finally he came back, “Mount your crow’s nest and have the TS get close enough for you to lob some flash bangs at these guys. Open fire and take out as many as you can while they are dazed. Then suppress them so we can get our CQS out there.
Swallowing the lump of fear in my throat I confirmed, “You want me to suppress two squads with one mounted gun?”
He came back, “Yup. Be happy dude; there were three squads before you got here.”
“Roger,” I complied.

I instructed the driver closer. When we were close enough I threw three flash bangs and hit all three marks. I knew it worked because ALL of the OPFOR cowered down and rubbed their eyes. I began firing the mounted M240B. I knocked down six of them before the others came to and took cover. I hit one of them as he lobbed a gas canister in our direction. I couldn’t stop firing to put on my mask, so I did my best to keep the rifle level as my eyes began to burn. Tear gas does just what the name implies. It feels like if someone threw salt in your eyes and they tear up uncontrollably.

Every few seconds one would poke their head around to try and assess the situation that I had put them in. I watched out of the corner of my eye as one of our CQS snuck out of the front doors and closed in on squad. He was within 10 meters when he hit them with a flash bang. I stopped firing and he moved in and took them out. I gave my SUV the all clear and they sprung into action. Amy worked on our wounded and left with them to the hospital.
Afterward I found out that we defeated a force of twenty OPFOR. I also found out that it cost us five KIA and four wounded. This means that we went from a platoon with four squads to only two and a half. The PS requested reinforcements, but was denied. HQ thinks that twenty men is enough to last us until a new batch of trainees come in. I hope they are right.

Our current structure is:

PS Davis

1st Platoon -
SL Pyle
Alpha Team -
FTL Aaron
LRS Ramirez
CQS (Me)
Bravo Team -
FTL Oliver
LRS Merritown
CQS Ennal
2nd Platoon -
SL Bishop
Alpha Team -
FTL Clark
LRS Yarborough
CQS Dimmer
Bravo Team -
LRS Roberts
CQS Harris
3rd Platoon -
SL Fry
Alpha Team -
FTL Stevens
LRS Lyons
CQS Culver

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