Monday, October 11th, 2230GMT

We had our assignments given to us this morning during formation. Geoff and Amy are getting to stay at HQ. I on the other hand have been moved to ‘the suck’; otherwise know as first platoon. First is assigned to protect the newly acquired radio station.

I delivered my transfer papers to the receptionist at the radio station and was told to report to PS Davis immediately. Platoon Sergeant Davis looks as though he is at least forty, but is actually in his late-twenties. He is short and surprisingly chunky for a security guy. I gave him a sharp salute and reported. After looking over my equipment and drilling me on ROE (Rules of Engagement) I was assigned to third squad.

My squad leader is SL Pyle. I’m not completely sure if that is his real name or a nickname, because he looks almost exactly like the character Gomer Pyle. The only real difference between the two of them is their voice. SL Pyle has a very deep voice that almost sounds as though he exaggerates it. I wouldn’t dare think about bringing this up though. He instructed LRS Ramirez to show me around.

Ramirez showed me to my locker and did a quick check on all of my armor. We didn’t talk a lot about anything outside of work. He told me that he has been a PSS for the past year and was recently promoted. Afterward we toured the different areas of the building and met a bunch of people. Ramirez told me that a lot of the employees were the same ones that were working there during our takeover. I wonder how many security teams these people have seen?

So my first official assignment is as follows:

CQS, Bravo Team, Third Squad, First Platoon

And my first official task:


Even with the full body armor and weapons I was more nervous than when I patrolled as a trainee with only a knife and baton. Bravo team’s leader is FTL Nabe. I’m not sure how this guy became a leader, but then again I’m not that interested in finding out either. I just hope that Ramirez and me survive long enough to get out from under his control. Instead of taking point on the patrol as a FTL should he put me out front. Also instead of having us in a “V” formation we were forced into a straight line with him in the middle and Ramirez at the rear. I didn’t want to get shot, but if it did happen I hoped it would be a .50 caliber round that could travel through me and hit him as well.

Thankfully the day went without event. Without another platoon around for rotational support we will be on patrol for the whole week. Next week we swap with fourth squad.

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