Thursday, October 14th, 0115GMT

We had an incident today. While we were on patrol we noticed a car that had been parked in a spot about 100 meters from the building. It had to have moved even slightly because it was on a two hour parking spot and didn’t have any parking tickets on the windshield.

FTL Nabe had LRS Ramirez look it over before we stepped off for another patrol. Ramirez reported that someone was in the driver’s seat and was scoping out our direction with binoculars! At the same time we all spouted, “Recon team...”

When patrol time came we traveled a slightly different route. There was a large alley across the street that made a giant U shape that would take us to a spot in the road behind the car. (On a side note walking in that alley scared the crap out of me. It wasn’t under the control of our company, so I felt like I was cutting through somebody’s backyard.) I was on point again and was first out of the alley. Everything appeared clear and I signaled for the other guys to move up. Together we moved slowly toward the car. About halfway across the street I heard something...

Everyone hit the deck as soon as we realized it was gunfire. It was coming from down the street about another 100 meters from the suspicious car. An SUV had pulled into the street sideways and was firing at us drive-by style. The car fired up its engine and began to pull away. I fired a shotgun blast into the rear driver side tire from my M26 MASS. This caused the car to fishtail slightly, but it got away. My attention turned back to the SUV. Someone was climbing into the crows nest to operate the machine gun. We took cover behind a parked car.

Rounds bounced around and into the car we were using as a barrier. After a minute that I could have measured in lifetimes the firing stopped. The SUV was gone. LRS Ramirez and I ran back to the radio station. FTL Nabe sprinted.

The rest of the day was spent on high alert with everyone at the ready in their defensive battle sectors.

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