Sunday, September 12th, 2350GMT

Processing sucked. I could tell that most of the people doing my paperwork and examinations were pissed off. Apparently the weekend is just tacked on to there normal routine of Monday through Friday when trainees need to be processed. There are only a few of us. Three to be exact. We learned a little bit about each other during a circle discussion with the councilor.

Geoff Gregory is twenty-one years old. He's not married and has no children. The reason he joined is to retire early so that he can travel the world. Like me he will start off as a CQS (Close Quarters Specialist). It'll be our job to bring the fight straight to the enemy's throat. When I think about this I can't help but to think about my wife and soon to be child and hope that I can make LRS (Long Range Specialist) soon.

Amy Rogers is twenty-three. She isn't married and has an eight year-old son. She hopes that getting a high paying job will allow her the opportunity to have him move in with her. Her parents have taken care of him since she was just a teenager when she had him. The courts gave her a list of things to do before she could be granted custody. Item number one is to get a job. She is a certified EMT, but can't afford to live off of that salary elsewhere; so she signed up to be a SM (Squad Medic).

The different positions and ranks were described to us in a class.

The chain of command:

Close Quarters Specialist - E-1 - Biggest layer of the pyramid. Brings the fight to the enemy.
Long Range Specialist - E-2 - Recon and snipers. They provide early warning and fire support.
Fire Team Leader - E-3 - Directs fire team and provides fire support.
Squad Leader - E-4 - Orchestrates battle plans and delegates orders. Provides fire support.
Platoon Sergeant - E-5 - Directs platoon positioning during battle. Provides fire support from air or ground.
Sergeant of Security - E-6 - Manages platoons. Reports to Director of Security. Females allowed.
Director of Security - No Rank - Executive manager of all security sections. Reports to CEO. Females allowed.

Non-chain positions:

Squad Medic - E1-E5 - Responsible for well-being of squad both on and off of the battlefield. Females allowed.
Transportation Specialist - E1-E5 - Responsible for company vehicle operation. Females allowed.
Pilot - W1-W5 - Rotary or fixed wing. Females allowed.

These don't include the Information Security section. I hope to have a post just like this for ISS one day...

Training starts tomorrow. I've got a bad case of the shakes right now. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

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