Wednesday, September 29th, 2350GMT

Back on patrol duty today. It was raining so probability of an attack was low. My nerves were still firing on all cylinders the whole time. I couldn't help but ask myself why there were so many people on our block. Are they prepping for an attack? Surely some of them were gathering intelligence for future attacks. Don't these people have jobs they should be at? One person even had the guts to run from his car behind us to a store ahead of us while wearing a bright red parka. I noticed Bobby flinch as the person passed us. We both looked at each-other and shook our heads. Only a moron would wear bright red out in public and not expect to have a muzzle pointed at him.

The rain began getting harder after lunch. It got difficult to view and listen to your sectors. At one point there was a loud crack that sent the patrol into the prone position. I still can't say if it was a gunshot or lightening. In the rain it took our LRS about two minutes to clear us 360 (degrees). The four of us hopped to our feet and quick stepped the rest of the route. We spent the "off" hour in heightened alert and had to assist with various ‘impending attack’ tasks.

The last patrol of the day had my stomach in knots. We still hadn't yet confirmed if what we experienced last patrol was lightening or gunfire. Luckily nothing happened. There was an emergency meeting notice for 1900GMT (5PM EDT). Bobby sighed when he read this. He looked at me as said, “Here we go again.” Later I found out what he meant.

Digressing for a moment I noticed that in earlier posts I never explained the patrol setup. Normally a team is composed of 3 men; a CQS, LRS, and RTL. I am shadowing the CQS so that made 4 men on our team. Geoff’s team is the same since he is shadowing Yuri. He does patrols on the opposite days of the week. Patrol is usually carried out on foot, but if alert is HIGH they can be completed with a vehicle. The RTL will drive while the CQS is in the "Crow's Nest" controlling the automatic rifle, and the LRS is in the back doing a constant 360 check.

The company I work for is in the media industry. We control almost all of the newspapers, magazines, radio, and television stations in our region. The meeting was about an attack that is to take place on Friday. We are going to complete a hostile takeover of the only other radio station in the city. Intel reports that the parent company is having to lay off half of their security force due to budget cuts. The SL said that the paperwork had already been submitted to the local government agency for approval; so the attack was definitely going to happen. Our squad will be the only attack force, but opposition is believed to be minimal (I sure as hell hope so!).

It's really funny how quick the government will approve HTs (hostile takeovers). They claim that it is to not stifle free enterprise, but everyone knows the real reason. HTs are subject to substantial taxes. The tax is calculated by some equation that would make Einstein scratch his head in amazement! In the end if the HT is successful the company and the government win, so why make approval a long drawn out process?

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