Friday, September 24th, 1900GMT

Today was the last day of classroom instruction. I've learned so much in the last two weeks that I'm not sure I will be able to recall everything. I guess that is probably the point of the repetition in the classes. A lot of things are probably just programmed as sub-routines in my brain now; a developed instinct that I don’t remember until the time is right.

I saw Yuri back in ranks during the morning formation. He came up and said hello to me before it started. A CQS named Richard Cost was promoted to LRS in order to replace the one that was killed. This left a CQS position open. The SL looked at me and Geoff. He mumbled something about a transfer and the name Bobby. He then wrote something down on his clipboard and dismissed the formation.

Classes were tough today. We had a final exam in every single one. Luckily we both passed them all. If you fail one of the exams you have to start training over again from the beginning. I've heard horror stories of people going through phase one of training 3 or 4 times before deciding to quit. The ones that eventually pass don't have it easy either. The team they are assigned to will see their record and make life a living hell until you prove to them that you aren't an idiot.

Phase 2 starts on Monday. It is the shadowing phase. We will each be attached to a CQS and must shadow him for the next 2 weeks. This means weapon maintenance, battle drills, patrols, ride along duty, guard duty, etc. The only thing I won't shadow is an actual firefight unless forced into one by patrol or ride along. I am still a trainee so I don't get to carry a firearm. I am a little nervous because Phase 2 carries the highest death rate of us trainees (for obvious reasons).

Everything is okay though. We were surprised by the SoS with weekend passes before we start phase 2. I'm going home to be with my wife. Geoff plans on hanging out at his house and calling old girlfriends to see which will come over. My guess is that it will probably work. While we aren't in the military, most of society still views our kind as soldiers, and girls are suckers for soldiers.

This will also be the last time that I can drive home without worry. Once I'm certified I will have to 'fly colors' on the vehicle I drive. This means that I will be given a vehicle by the company with the logo wrapped around it. This also means that I will be susceptible to attack an anytime that I drive that vehicle. I guess that is part of the reason we get paid so well. The attacker also has to risk collateral damage as well; possibly costing his company more than the attack is worth. So public attacks are less likely to occur.

Gotta go and get fitted for my body armor now. I can't wait to see what I look like in bright red.

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