Wednesday, September 15th, 2000GMT

So far training hasn't been too bad. We haven't come under any attacks yet. I hope we don't get assaulted by any other companies while we are still in training. Trainees aren't allowed to fight with firearms, so we will have to hold off an assault with a knife and a baton. Then again if the enemy pushes far enough to reach our guard station we are probably screwed anyway. Amy won't have to worry about that though. She was transferred to EMT training after the basic weapons class.

I'm learning more than I thought I could about our weapon systems. Classes cover everything from handguns to mounted machine guns. This stuff is awesome! I can see why someone would want to sign up for the military and join the infantry. The instructors tell me that I am doing very well with marksmanship. Growing up I never shot a single round so this surprises me. We were instructed on the sweet weapons layout for each position.

CQS - M4A1 with M26 MASS, Aimpoint M68 CC optics, flashlight attachment, and M9 Pistol
LRS - M16A4 with 4xACOG Scope, bi-pod, and M9 Pistol
FTL - M4A1 with Aimpoint M68 CC optics, M203 (Gas/Smoke Only), flashlight attachment, and M9 Pistol
SL/PS - M4A1 with Aimpoint M68 CC optics, RIS foregrip, and M9 Pistol
SoS - MP5, M9 Pistol
DoS - M9 Pistol

SM/Pilot - MP5, M9 Pistol
TS - M16A4, M9 Pistol

All positions have the option of carrying tear gas, smoke, and flash grenades. The helicopter has a few different mounted machine guns for a lucky guy’s enjoyment and our up-armored SUVs have a nest just like a military vehicle!

I don't know how I'll feel when I'm in my first real firefight, but right now I just want training to finish so that I can play with some of this in the wild.

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