Thursday, September 30th, 1845GMT

I spent most of today getting everything ready for tomorrow's assault. I made sure all weapons were in good working order and that all magazines were full. Every knife was sharpened and every gas mask verified working. I went over the vehicles with the TS assigned to our team. I am the backup driver so she gave me an overview of the specific operations of my SUV.

I also got a chance to talk to Amy. She was now shadowing our SM since hers is MIA. Rumor has it that she was kidnapped on the way into the office the previous morning. This made me nervous. Someone was most likely trying to extract intelligence from her. I could picture her bound to a chair while some "specialist" spent hours "interrogating" her. The rest of the afternoon was spent loading equipment into the SUV with Amy helping me.

I found a note in my locker. It was from Geoff. He wished me good luck and told me to trust my gut. He ended it with a quote:

"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." - General Colin Powell

I wrote a note back that simply read, "I'll stay on my toes!"

It is a big day tomorrow and I still need to meet up with the team before I go to sleep. There is some sort of ritual they do before each assault. I can't wait to see...

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