Saturday, September 11th, 0900GMT

I couldn't sleep last night. I start the Physical Security Specialist (PSS) training program at my new job in a few hours. I don't totally agree with how much power the administration has given to businesses in order to rebuild the economy, but it's really good money. I can't afford to work in the I.T. field anymore. It just doesn't give me enough to support my new family. I'm really going to miss it though; when I could go to work without the thought of death weighting down on me.

The PSS training program lasts a total of four weeks. I'll learn about the weapons systems that were sanctioned by the government for enterprise use and advanced combat tactics. I'll also learn the plethora of regulations so as to not do anything illegal that will cost the company money and/or possible jail time for me. The specialists that I've met so far seem to like the job so it must not be all that bad. Plus they really enjoy the money...

So I know it's not a good thing to think about other careers when you are just about to start a new one, but maybe if everything works out I can weasel my way into the Information Security Specialist (ISS) team. Battle-hardened I.T professionals. I guess I need to live that long first. It can take years to make it to that level. I'm hoping that my background in I.T will help me get there faster! The good news, if it can be called that, is if I were to get killed in action my family would be financially set for a while.

I doubt that I'll have access to a computer during training; so my wife is going to post things for me for the time being. She will receive letters from me to transpose into this journal. I've asked her to remove the personal stuff so I don't bore anyone who doesn't care. When I'm done with training I'll pick the posting back up. I know a lot of people are interested in things like security cam footage and After Action Reports so I plan to compile links to events related to my experiences on the posts. That stuff is open to the public, but most companies bury it so deep that it can be hard for the average person to obtain.

Well okay then. Enough with the computer. I’m going to spend my last couple of hours with my wife...

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