Monday, September 27th, 2330GMT

Today was one of the most frightful yet uneventful days of my life...

I have been assigned shadow to Bobby Park. Bobby is tough. He was born and raised in the Atlanta projects. This has given him a very strong will. Add to that the fact that he grew up in that area and he's half-black and half-white. He claims the only reason he survived is because he kept his mouth shut and did his best to be a ghost around his neighborhood. It makes sense now why he is so quiet. Intelligence is another one of his strong points. Bobby is the kid in high school that huffs and raises his hand when everyone else gets the answer wrong so the conversation can keep moving. I think Bobby is a good fit for me to shadow. He seems to have joined for the same reasons I joined up. His fiance is pregnant and he wants them to have a good life. He also hopes to make it into the Information Security section as soon as possible. Bobby is an E-2. The only reason he isn't an LRS yet is because a spot hasn't opened since his promotion in any of the platoons.

Of course the fire team that Bobby is on has patrol duty on Monday's which means I also had patrol duty. It was my very first and I only carried my knife and baton for protection. At least I can wear body armor. So if I get hit by small caliber rounds I should be okay. Well, okay in the fact that the rounds won't puncture, but I still may be left with some broken ribs. A fire team executes patrols around the nearby area to look for any suspicious or hostile activity. Patrols are randomized so as to not allow other companies to time your movements. Today we were scheduled at 1400GMT, 1530GMT, 1820GMT, 2000GMT. My nerves were on edge the whole time. I almost clubbed this one guy when he came rushing out of a shop right in front of me and almost knocked me over. For a split second I really thought I was being attacked!

Tomorrow is weapons cleaning and guard duty.

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