Monday, December 27th, 2350GMT

Went back to work today. I was greeted by a company wide restructuring of forces during the morning formation. We were also told that instead of increasing security personnel, despite adding an asset with the television station, we were going to upgrade equipment instead. An outside consultant has been brought in to help us become more ‘tactful’ and ‘diverse’. Give me a break damnit! The new units have been organized like this:

HQ - 3 squads (no change)
Newspaper - 3 squads
Magazine - 3 squads
Radio Station - 1 squad (no change)
TV Station - 2 squads

Apparently the accounting team believes that the newly acquired television station is worth more than the radio station and shifted it some extra resources. I’ll bet that no one can guess where I’ve been assigned.

Give up?

The radio station! I know I’m not in charge, but why in the hell do I keep getting assigned to the places that have the least amount of resources? My current squad:

SL Pyle (again)
Alpha Team:
FTL Andres
LRS Gregory (Geoff)
CQS Romero
Bravo Team:
FTL McAllister
LRS (me)
CQS Yarbanks
SM Rogers (Amy)

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