Thursday, December 30th, 2310GMT

Today was FTL Yuri FTW (ForTheWin)! He was on patrol at the magazine when it came under attack. A major competitor was in it for blood and brought a huge fight. Luckily for Yuri’s fire team they were able to make it to a flanking position behind the enemy forces. Yuri used a couple of gas canisters that he shot from his M203 to disable two of the attacking squads. He used this time to focus his efforts on the real threat; an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)!

Quickly he killed the gunner and climbed on top of the vehicle. He dropped a flash bang into the hatch and slammed it shut. After a few seconds the rear entry of the vehicle flew open and dazed OPFOR began to stumble out. One by one they were picked off by Yuri’s fire team. Yuri then mounted the machine gun and aimed for the OPFOR that were attacking the magazine; they kept looking forward oblivious to the belt fed death that was coming for them from behind.

The defenders at the magazine all took cover and Yuri took out the remaining eight OPFOR. It feels kind of good to know that we can survive a platoon sized attack from a major competitor and come out without a single KIA/WIA. Not only that, but we also gained an APC! Well, the magazine gained one anyway.

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