Tuesday, December 7th, 2255GMT

The television station was about twenty minutes away from HQ. I wanted to rescue Marie, but I was nervous about who would have to protect the station after we took it over. It will be a bad gig if just one squad is assigned to it. Thankfully there are no nearby competitors. The other two stations were on opposite sides of the city.

We were surprised to find an attack already in progress when we came into sight of the station. Watching the assaulting team get taken out was a bit of a moral killer. I rolled down my windows and scoped the grounds with my rifle. I could see one guy on the roof with an M249B SAW. Another was in front of the front door and armed with an AK-47. FTL Ramirez gave me permission to fire. I centered my scope on chest of the rooftop guard. I exhaled slowly and squeezed the trigger a little. Then I held my breath momentarily as I squeezed the trigger the rest of the way. I could see a pink mist explode from behind the guard as he grabbed his sternum and fell to the ground. Without hesitation I did the same to the guard by the front door.

Ramirez looked back at me and said, “Jesus Christ man! I’m glad you’re on our team!”

We parked next to the other company’s disabled SUV and charged toward the building. The building was fairly small to our standards. It only had two floors and was maybe about 100’ x 100’. Our squad broke into our two normal teams. My team was assigned to enter in through the rooftop access while the other went in through the front door. I tossed a flash grenade onto the roof just in case anyone else was up there, but there wasn’t.

We stacked up by the rooftop door and gave the other team our status. On the SL’s mark both teams entered the building and began clearing all rooms to eliminate OPFOR. The stairs we were on led down into the studio area. There was no opposition in the room. I could hear the other team having a shootout underneath us. We entered a hallway that had several doors on either side. We cleared them one by one. Most were offices and housed production staff and that we proceeded to scare the hell out of. The last room next to the stairwell was labeled ‘Sound Engineering’.

I opened the door and stood aside to let CQS Yarbanks take point. He led the way with Ramirez behind him and me covering the rear. I never turned around to see what was going on, but I heard a single gunshot and heard Marie saying something in Russian. Ramirez gave a SITREP to the other team over the radio and requested theirs. The other team had successfully eliminated all OPFOR and captured the CIO, CEO, and CSO. Despite being beaten and tortured for two weeks Marie had the energy to give each one a small flogging but didn’t kill them. She said that she wanted them to face a worse fate by going to prison for what they had done.

HQ decided that our squad would protect the television station for the time being. This scares me since we are literally twenty minutes away (with no traffic).

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